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April 18, 2017

I’m Off to London

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On Thursday, I’m off to London! (again!)

Something about a really clean city, buttoned up service and some of the most beautiful hotels has me excited to hop the pond. My past two trips have been tourist heavy, but with most of those sites checked off the list, I’m excited to explore a bit more. Places like Aspinal of London, Chiltern Firehouse and a Chelsea FC match are already on the itinerary but if you have some not to miss recommendations my ears are open!

As I put finishing touches on my itinerary it actually got me thinking more about the getting there than actually being there. There’s a fine art to mastering the overnight flight with the goal of having all the essentials without over packing your carry-on. And, there’s even more finesse in waking up on the other end feeling and looking mildly refreshed to make the most of your day. So should you be planning a trip yourself – I’d thought I’d share a few must-haves so you get off the plane looking a little more Rose Byrne and a little less Kristin Wiig.


Now the key to overnight flights is “chic comfort.” I’m a fan of those that fly and still look like they appreciate being there. No “pub to plane” looks here. So a cozy wrap sweater with some clean athleisure spandex is totally the way to go. Then there’s the overnight kit that keeps skin hydrated and clean among all that recycled air. I’m committed to no puffy eyes.
Step 1: Right after you’re served dinner, (and you’ve made your cocktails!) – take a Simple wipe to the face, remove make-up and gently cleanse. Nothing is worse than drool and black eyes. Not cute.
Step 2: Now while I’m a big fan of chugging water throughout your flight, a quick spritz on your face for added moisture and a barrier to the recirculated air is totally worth it. put on your aloe infused socks, clip the hair, eye mask down and you should be good to cozy up and PTFO. (Secret: I usually take 1 Advil PM to help me fall asleep!)
Step 3: And – morning! (ish!). Three hours and hopefully 1 REM cycle later, you’re up. To make it feel like morning, I usually head to the loo again, wash my face with a foaming cleanser, brush my teeth and slip on a new pair of underwear. This portable three pack from Third Love is easy to slip in your overnight pouch.
Step 4: A quick hydrating mask when I return to my seat always gets a few looks from your seat mates but the only bags I’m then carrying off are in my hands and not on my face. I swear by the masks from Dr. Jart and this one will last you ALL day.
All t his and hopefully and upgrade will make for an easy breezy fly in the sky! Watch it all unfold on Insta stories Thursday night!
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