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April 17, 2017

Why I Rebranded My Blog

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I liken my last three months to my own little Eat, Pray, Love blog story. Don’t worry – this one isn’t 300+ pages.


There was a lot of stress, wine, travel and trying to find solace among crazy work deadlines. My tiny New York apartment looked nothing like an ashram and India and the sounds of the city weren’t exotic birds they were loud and horrible sirens.

I had lost my “genius.” The voice inside my head that used to be able to pen quick witted blog posts and share fun anecdotes of being a 20-something in New York City had taken a vacation and I had no idea when she was coming back. She didn’t even leave a note!

So what was I to do? My genius was on hiatus and I sat there with a blog that wasn’t “me” and what felt like nothing to say. So, I walked out. Put down wordpress, put down instagram(-ish) and took a step back from a space that I had cozied up to for five years (I know – five!)

I talked to a few other blog friends and the funny part was – I wasn’t alone. The blog world had changed. You needed a photographer boyfriend, the time of a full-time job, a revolving door of new clothes and the eye stamina to stare at a screen for hours on end. No thanks! I was running with a crowd I couldn’t keep up with trying to compete in a world that I never meant to compete in from the start. I wanted a change.

So I like my genius, walked out. Determined to take time to reassess, I read books, blog posts about how you go through the creative stages of life but even at the end of all my thinking, I’d be writing a blog headline and the first two lines of a post in my head. She, that little genius, was back in town and lurking…

Then somewhere around February 20th I revisited some pages on PRBlonde. I missed writing. I missed reliving trips and penning city guides and sharing career insights so I decided to wipe the slate clean.


PRBlonde came to me in the car on the way home from my job in Dallas one day. It was a quippy take on my sometimes “blondeness” both a personal and physical trait and the exciting career I had just embarked on.

But what fit at 23 no longer fit at 28. (shocker!) My sartorial logic was screaming “time to clean house!” So I did. I found a name I felt comfortable in. Sure, it may be vanilla, but vanilla is the baseline, it’s something you can build on and like a white t-shirt, will never go out of style.

So with that – WELCOME, to Life of Lauren.


Now like making a vanilla sundae, the toppings are just as strategic. In my case the vanilla name came with rich travel adventures, crunchy and juicy career and New York life stories about the concrete jungle and colorful and bespoke style posts that felt more like storytelling than sharing my latest purchases.

Not much will change – you’ll just get a more refined, candid and hopefully more quippy version of me going forward. At least that’s what the goal was coming out of this little stint in creative rehab.


FINALLY right?! Well after months of what felt like auditioning developers and designers, there was no one I really truly jived with. There was this one design but around the “fifth date” we decided it wasn’t working and parted ways. So, like Carrie post-Mr. Big, I pulled up my bootstraps and designed this site myself! What took hours, days and weeks was entirely worth it to see what I had felt had been living in my brain for so long come alive on a webpage. From clicking around to check out where I’ve traveled to posts on all categories, my content cup runneth over and I couldn’t be more excited to share more with you.

In the coming week’s I’ll talk about my design process – a long and arduous one but with the right team and a stick to your guns vision you can seriously GSD.

So welcome! It’s awesome to be back – genius in tow, rebranded, reimagined and revived. So to get this party started head over here to read up on the Top 10 things you need to know about Life of Lauren – (LOL!) see what I did there?!


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  1. Roseanna

    May 9th, 2017 at 3:11 AM

    You misread what Sean Fenley wrote. He did not call Gore Vidal a â€prœcÂack€ot.❠Fenley was referring to Christopher Hitchens calling Vidal a “crackpot” because Vidal doesn’t buy Washington’s official 9/11 tale.

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