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January 11, 2016

Hello, January!

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Now while I may be a day or 10 late on my goals post – let’s just say it was worth the wait. I don’t know about you all but we hit 2016 with wheels on fire, and I’m all about it.

January Goals

Anyone who knows me knows, I’m ALWAYS on the go and unless my downtime involves a beach or my bed, I’m rarely a “turned-off” person. Which is why I love living in New York. It moves just as fast as I do. New York has this feeling of taking things by storm. It’s like a caffeine jolt. One big cup of NYC poured daily. Best served hot and strong – It’s the best coffee too!

Last week we talked a lot about goals for this year and it wasn’t until last night in a Turkish bath house in Manhattan (because that’s how all stories start…) that I actually floated there and finally gave my goals for 2016 some thought. The conclusion I came to, I have SO MANY goals, a considerable gift but also a curse. Gift because there’s so much to look forward to curse because I was in a bath house submerged in water with no phone or pad to write them down… r&r problems right?

So in the interest of efficiency I sold myself on this idea. After looking back at my 2015 goals, so much was taken care of on its own. What I needed to push to accomplish I did and what I didn’t, wasn’t meant for 2015 or meant to happen at all. Confession: my goals tend to runaway with me. I get overwhelmed by all the amazing things there are to do to make the most of my day, week, month even year and in some cosmic trickery, things work out all on their own anyway and often for the better – no nail biting anxiety really actually needed. So after I realized I was pen-less and in a pool, I gave myself a pep talk – this year we’re  going to focus.

The beauty of honing in on just a few goals – it makes room for other ones to appear and disappear throughout the year. Almost as if we’re making a slight plan to “not make a plan” – right? Right. So once I had access to a phone sans water I jotted these goals down. Funny how once I sat down to write this post, they measured up to the blog quite well… funny how the site grows with you, isn’t it?

Goal #1: TRAVEL – That quote “I’m in love with cities I’ve been to and people I’ve never met,” – couldn’t be more true. With one trip already on the books and a HUGE trip this summer (Details coming I swear!) I’m doubling down on my passport stamps this year. That includes sharing those adventures here and bringing just as much personality and excitement with them so it feels like you were stuffed in my suitcase and came with me.

Goal #2: NYC LIFE – Confession, last year was a serious work year. I worked my ass off. Late nights at the office, anxiety ridden days and I poured my heart into my job, something that I absolutely needed to do. So we’re flipping the focus this year. My life beyond the desk is just as important so we’re going to let that “goal ebb and flow” do its thing here and focus on memories with friends and celebrate them around every turn. All of this will likely be over cocktails. Always cocktails.

Goal #4: FITNESS – Now while I’m not even going to pretend PRBlonde is going to take a “new year, new you” turn – I will be sharing more about my commitment to my half-marathon. We may not talk about my Chia seed bowls I can promise you we will talk about training milestones, how it’s going and seriously celebrate that cross over the finish line.

Goal #3: WORK – Let’s just kick some more ass this year, how does that sound? More PR posts coming and trust me with Q4 behind me, there’s some very funny yet teachable moments to share.

So there we have it – the four areas I plan on adding a lot of capital to in the coming months. I’m sure more will pop-up throughout 2016, but that’s the beauty of a new year isn’t it? Being open to new things? (my word!) Plus, thanks to Susan Miller my horoscopes are looking pretty bright this month so bring it 2016, I’m ready.

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