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June 6, 2016

NYC Weekend: Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic

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What was meant to be my first weekend back in the city in a while, still turned a few “off the island” adventures. Guess it is the summer of travel, even if this time it wasn’t on a plane.


Nonetheless, who can say no to overflowing champagne, Brazilians on horseback and some of the best fashion you’ve ever seen on a summer day in NYC? I can’t, no really can’t. Which is why I found myself several cocktails deep on Saturday afternoon at the 9th Annual Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic. The Veuve Cliquot Rich was flowing, the celebrities were abound and the highlight was the drinking game created based on how many times the announcer said the name “Nacho.”





Held every year at Liberty State Park with sick views of downtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, the Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic has been on my New York City bucket list for a while. Last year’s travels prevented me from attending so I more than made up for it this year with VIP creds and a drinking game that left me several glasses deep every time the announcer playfully said “Nacho Figueras” – the team Black Watch captain. On top of it all It was hot. Like Cucumber drink in hand, frizzy hair (above) hot!

But who’s to mind a little sun on the shoulders while your divot stomping next to the likes of Nick Cannon, Elizabeth Olsen and Candice Huffine. Just as long as you have the proper attire – dress (Cynthia Steffe), shoes (Jacks), clutch (Gigi New York) and shades (Krewe Du Optic) – you’re set! “Hey bartender, another please!”







Another successful weekend in the record books – just wait till you see where I’m headed next! It’s back on a plane Thursday. This one will be worth the ‘gram and snapchat follow (@LaurenAPruner) – trust me!

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