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June 1, 2016

Postcards from London, UK

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Downside: My body doesn’t understand time changes. Upside: Blame it on the job and a short trip to the UK.

DSC_2185 Remember when I said Q2 was insane? Getting away, even it was for work/play was well worth it. About 10 days ago I hopped the pond for a few quick ‘grams, a 36 hour cruise and a 10 hour tour of Londontown. Nothing is better than stepping out of the New York “werk, werk, werk” bubble and realizing there’s something greater and bigger out there. The greater and bigger coming in a few forms – like a brand new (world’s largest) cruise ship and visiting one of my favorite Euro-cities, for one more stamp in the passport – more to come!




More to come on the exciting adventure aboard Harmony of the Seas when the ship arrives in Ft. Lauderdale in November – but I had the pleasure of sailing with some of my favorite blogger friends, Hello Fashion, Hello His, Happily Grey and YouTube stars Stuart Edge and Aspyn + Parker. Check out our dinner time magic show here.

Once back on dry land, I had a quick 10 hours in London before heading back to the U.S. so I decided to complete the touristy bucket list I created circa 2008 when I was last in the UK. Man time flies! What resulted was about 1/2 of the list conquered but new adventures in ubers, laying a bot sauced on a glass bridge and drinks with an old friend from 5 years ago. Let’s count the list down shall we?

Hour 10: Determined to maximize our day – we made (very) good friends with Oscar, the left baggage attendant at Heathrow. A but of rummaging through our personals later and voila – we were sans bags and off to the London Express to head into center city.

Hour 9: The tube. Cleaner, nicer and all around more pleasant than any New York subway – no riff raff or performers needed. Exit – Westminster where when we popped out of the underground – the views were quite welcoming.




DSC_2089Hour 8: Steps away from some of the best sights – we came upon the best of all, the London Symphony playing their dress rehearsal at Trafalgar Square. A little lunch and some Tchaikovsky no complaints.

Hour 7: After a quick stroll in St. James park with the most unforgettable flowers…




Hour 6: …we made our way to the London Eye. Topping my London Bucket list it was the one thing I had yet to accomplish. We made the smart decision of purchasing a fast pass which meant no lines, no crowds and even quicker access to these views!




Hour 5: Determined to also conquer the glass floor at Tower Bridge – we made a quick detour to a local pub for some Irish coffees making the glass floor of the exhibit the perfect place to take a ‘nap’ and some more photos.


Hour 4: To make it across town we hopped an Uber and met our English/Bulgarian driver “Rich.” His captive audience launched us into a conversation about British perception of politics, the war in Iraq, the Kardashians and more. Note while those in the UK think we’re all stupid Americans… they do value our military strength and our hilarious politics.

Hour 3: After what felt like a mash-up of John Stewart and Cash Cab, we came to our destination – The Churchill Arms. Known for its pouring floral facades, this place came highly recommended by a friend and after a long day of touring (and drinking) its curb appeal didn’t disappoint.


Hour 2: Two (or three) pints later, 3 old men and a plate of thai food it was time to head back to the airport to make the trek back to the USA.

Hour 1: Now while I’ve been out of Heathrow airport before and in many international airports in my life, Heathrow is worth the brag. Security is so well thought out and it even weeds the amateur travelers out of the line to let the more expedient go. The duty free shopping is amazing and to top it all off, there’s a Harrod’s gift store in the center of the terminal just in case you forget a little gift for the “mum.”


Another trip over the pond down – and 1 more to go! Hint hint! Stay tuned for where to next on Thursday! #PRBTakesOff (again!)

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