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January 29, 2016

Travel: Weekend At Gurneys

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Fri-yay! So we’re interrupting what should be a warm weather countdown (2 weeks till the beaches, betches) to bring you the best of cozy clothes and a “cooler” version of some R&R beachside real estate. One that includes snowfall.

Gurneys Montauk View - 6

About two weekends ago I took a little vacay out to a summer favorite – the Hamptons for a two-night getaway at Gurney’s Montauk. Now if you remember this past summer was all lobster rolls and late-night surf lodge sips.  So with half of the Hamptons closed down for the season and no sign of the Saloways or Lockharts (The Affair – duh.) we were excited to see what harbored the typical summer town.

First and foremost, Gurney’s doubles as a winter Spa getaway. In the summer a party-town beach club but in the winter its all robes, massages, hot toddies and still gorgeous views.

Gurneys Montauk

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Gurneys Montauk View - 1

You know those moments when you just need to get out of the city and see something besides people dressed in black and concrete – New Yorkers, you feel me? Well that’s exactly what the Ted, the guy that booked our trip ordered.

We arrived on Saturday with a two-night stay planned. A few dinners at hotel hotspot Scarpetta Beach and another offsite at Swallow East (we didn’t make it to that one… mother nature had other plans). Our room sat ocean front, perfect for sharing with a balcony to swoon over. I recommend should you ever visit the property  that you book ocean front, while a tad pricier, you wont be overshadowed by the hotel lobby and the Forward Watch section of the hotel was just renovated.

Gurneys Montauk Room (2)

Premium Ocean Front Queen Rooms – the beds, heavenly!

Gurneys Montauk Room

The hotel has a fitness center, indoor pool and spa facilities on site there’s plenty to do to relax. We basically packed a case of wine in the car with us on the way out so there was plenty of that too! Priorities.

Gurneys Montauk View - 4

With reservations at Scarpetta Beach – we were ready for some red vino and a tasty soulful Italian meal. Clearly we weren’t the only ones that were prepared to enjoy as we ran into other NYC folk and friends who also wanted to escape the snow storm set to arrive on Saturday. One to many cocktails later… we were out.

Scarpetta Beach - Gurneys 1

Gurney’s premiere restaurant –Scarpetta Beach

Scarpetta Beach - Gurneys 2

Cue Saturday hangover, which we thought, what better than to cure it with a trip to one of Long Island, NY’s most well known wineries – Wölffer Estate Vineyard. Remember this? Well post harvest it was looking a bit bare but the wine was amazing, the conversation was flowing and I had a cheese plate with my name on it that needed dominating. After a 4 hour wine tasting it started snowing…

Wolfer Wine Estate - 2

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

We made it out of East Hampton just in time to get back as the snow kept coming down, down and down even more. Our seaside adventure took a ski lodge turn quite quickly, but all that meant for us were PJ’s, more wine and room service!

Now I’m not one to raise hell at properties, but after being well acquainted with the Hamptons this summer, sharing tips and tricks to help a fellow traveler out seems only prudent. After canceling our dinner at Swallow East due to the storm, we raided the in-room dining menu. Bad idea.

Anyone will tell you that service in the Hamptons and 90% of restaurants and bars sucks. It’s a well known fact that the hostess stand is one of the most power-happy jobs in all of Montauk, kitchens are always backed up and its a near miracle if they get your order right. Well that’s summer. This was winter and the hotel kitchen was a sh!tshow. A half-order delivery, overcharge and cold and slightly inedible plates later, we found our butts up at the front desk talking to a very nice manager named Kyle who understood our shut in plight! Kyle, God bless you four hangry, tired, cold ladies is certainly not an easy crowd to manage – and you did it swimmingly, more than making up for it with decadent desserts and more wine from Scarpetta Beach.

After a few card games and conversation that may or may not have solved world hunger 4 bottles later… we woke up the next morning to a winter wonderland.

Gurneys Montauk View - 5

Gurneys Montauk View - 7

Calvin Klein Preformance

Ugg Boots - Bailey

With a late check out time and some breakfast awaiting us, we grabbed some craft coffee at Corso, the hotel patisserie and ventured outside to enjoy the view. Once we were basically on the verge of cold brew, we hit up the last of the onsite restaurants open for winter season – Tillies. 4 orders of avocado toast later and we were packed and ready to head back to the city. Though a quick trip and slightly shut in due to the cold – I couldn’t have asked for better views, a better room – oh well, maybe a bit better service. (Kyle you’re still #1).

Tillies - Gurneys Montauk

Should you live in NYC and be looking for a winter getaway Gurney’s is a great spot. Just beware the room service and enjoy the views.

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And as if that wasn’t enough travel for one day – I’m currently on my way to Dallas for a whirlwind weekend. More on my happenings there in tomorrows ed. of Weekend Reading.

Stay cozy!


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